The ground has shifted before our feet. Transitioning from a carbon-based, extractive economy to a sustainable, resilient one is no longer an option but has become a social and economic imperative.

Within this challenge is opportunity - opportunity to diversify Alberta’s economy, to address a growing climate crisis, and opportunities to create jobs and support workers and First Nations in the process. Alberta Green Economy Network (AGEN) is committed to assisting the Alberta Government in addressing this challenge, seizing these opportunities and helping to lay out a path to a greener, prosperous and more equitable future for all Albertans.

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Alberta Green Economy Network (AGEN) brings together trade unions, Metis and First Nations, environmental organizations, academics and green businesses. Although we represent different constituents, we have come to understand that the multiple challenges we face as Albertans are interconnected and, as such, the path forward must address the concerns of workers, communities, and businesses that all share our natural environment.

We envision a resilient, diversified economy that provides a high quality of life and creates the foundation for a low-carbon energy future. Our mission is to accelerate that just transition.


To this end Alberta Green Economy Network (AGEN) calls on the Notley government to adopt binding, science based, emission reduction targets and address five key focus areas: renewable energy, energy efficiency, coal phase out, carbon pricing and transportation.

Please browse our site to see the issues Alberta Green Economy Network (AGEN) identified and our recommendations to the Government of Alberta.