Energy Efficiency

Why Energy Efficiency?

The International Energy Agency has identified energy efficiency as the biggest opportunity globally for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions between now and 2020. Improvements in energy efficiency have very high job creation potential. The Canadian Ministry of Energy and Mines estimates that between 30 and 57 job years will be created for every million dollars invested in efficiency.

Alberta Green Economy Network (AGEN) therefore recommends that the Government of Alberta:

Achieve a 6.6% increase in energy efficiency in Alberta by 2020 through an energy efficiency retrofit fund.

  • Transform CCEMC/Climate Change Central into: a 1% interest¬†clean technology retrofit loan and grant fund (40% residential, 25% commercial/municipal, 25% industrial/agricultural/forestry, 5% low income support, 5% research).
  • Support municipal efforts at Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions through legislation (e.g. PACE, city charters) and funding.
  • Support rural municipalities and partner with First Nations and Metis communities to make investments in GHG emissions reduction through energy efficiency.
  • Provide provincial climate leadership by reducing its own carbon footprint (e.g., zero carbon government buildings, green supply chain, green operations).