AGEN Members

Alberta Green Economy Network (AGEN) brings together labour, NGO, green business and First Nations partners to advocate for policies that support a transition to a low-carbon economy.

Who Are We?

Members of the Alberta Green Economy Network (AGEN) include the following:

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE)

AUPE is Alberta’s largest union with more than 90,000 members province-wide. Members of AUPE work in government, health care, education, boards and agencies, municipalities and private companies across the province. AUPE’s mission is to represent and support its members through solidarity and mobilization.

Another Way
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Another Way is a unique consulting firm that specializes in Community Economic Development. Our vision of community empowerment, sustainability, and equity translates into a consulting practice that focuses on building capacity; on finding “Another Way”.

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)

CAPE is a group of physicians, allied health care practitioners and citizens committed to a healthy and sustainable environment. CAPE brings its health expertise to environmental issues and is an important voice for environmental health in Canada through its advocacy work and cooperation with partner groups.

Canadian Union of Provincial Employees (CUPE) Local 30

CUPE Local 30 is the union that represents the Trades, Outside and Recreation workers for the City of Edmonton. We also represent the employees at EPCOR Water, Northlands Park, Fort Saskatchewan municipal workers and the Village of Thorsby.

Carbon Busters

Since 1992, Carbon Busters has specialized in increasing the end-use efficiency and decreasing the environmental impact of communities and buildings. We achieve this through a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates zero carbon design, carbon accounting, education, renewable energy, net zero, PassivHaus, LEED and advanced green building practices.

Clark Ecoscience & Sustainability Ltd. (CES)

CES was founded in 2010 to maximize ecosystem services through native ecosystem conservation, restoration and rebuilding projects for citizens, industry, government, and non-profits. From the planning, to building, to care, to understanding - CES can help any client rebuild and care for native ecosystems!


C-Returns is an Alberta non-profit offering comprehensive audits (energy & carbon) and retrofits for homes, businesses and community owned buildings. Our mission is to address the ecological footprint of existing buildings and offer energy assessments & green retrofit products and installation services to building owners in Edmonton and across Alberta.

The Council of Canadians

The Council of Canadians is Canada’s leading social action organization, mobilizing a network of 60 chapters across the country. Through our campaigns, we advocate for clean water, fair trade, green energy, public health care, and a vibrant democracy. We educate and empower people to hold our governments and corporations accountable.

Dean Montgomery Consulting

Montgomery Consulting establishes collaborative economic development between Indigenous Communities, Corporations, Government and Not-for-Profits that respect the cultures and values of Indigenous people. We specialize in helping businesses develop Indigenous engagement strategies and structure new business partnerships, teaming agreements and joint ventures with First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and businesses.

Development and Peace Caritas Canada

Development and Peace Caritas Canada is a membership led organization committed to educating the Canadian population about the causes of poverty and mobilizing Canadians towards actions for change.

EcoAmmo Sustainable Consulting

Since 2006, EcoAmmo has provided sustainable building solutions to the built environment. With 40+ years combined industry experience and 56+ green building projects completed, we arm our clients with knowledge to assist construction projects and business operations transition towards sustainability.

EnSegs Inc.

EnSegs Inc. is an employee owned and operated company derived from the idea of providing Energy Segments. Our mission is to make it simple for anyone to produce and use renewable energy. Our vision is a world of clean energy, reducing the need to burn fossil fuels.

Evergreen and Gold Renewable Energy

Evergreen & Gold is a full service solar power provider specializing in grid-tied systems. We provide the design, installation and ongoing service for a solar PV power system.We can assist with agricultural, commercial and residential solar energy needs.

The Green Foundation

Description coming soon.

Greenpeace Canada

Greenpeace Canada is an independent campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment, and to promote peace by creating an energy revolution to address climate change, protecting the world’s ancient forests, defending our oceans, campaigning for sustainable agriculture, and creating a toxic-free future.

Iron & Earth

Iron & Earth is a worker led organization advocating for the retraining and diversification of their members to include renewable energy into their work scope. Iron & Earth have a particular focus on collaboration to achieve a sustainable and just transition for their workers and their communities.

Keepers of the Athabasca (KOA)

KOA are First Nations, Metis, Inuit, environmental groups, and Watershed citizens working together for the protection of water, land, air, and all living things today and tomorrow in the Athabasca River Watershed. Our mission is to unite the peoples of the Athabasca River and Lake Watershed to secure and protect water and watershed lands for ecological, social, cultural and community health and well being.

KUBY Renewable Energy Ltd.

Kuby Renewable Energy is a professional electrical contractor specializing in the engineering, design and installation of solar power systems. Kuby Energy provides full-service, turn-key solar PV installations for homes and businesses throughout Alberta, and Western/Northern Canada.


Luxeum Renewables Group Inc. (LRG)

Luxeum Renewables Group Inc. is a Canadian independent solar power producer, operating and developing utility-scale solar farms throughout Western Canada, the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. LRG partners with municipalities, cities, and public/private institutions to develop, construct and manage solar power projects.


Manasc Isaac Architects

Manasc Isaac is an award-winning integrated architectural, engineering and interior design practice, focused on outstanding sustainable buildings. Dedicated to a client-centered planning, design and construction approach to architecture, Manasc Isaac is a recognized Canadian leader in sustainable design.

NuEnergy Group

NuEnergy is a leading choice building energy systems contractor of mechanical, electrical, renewable or specialty energy projects for clients in the multi-suite residential, commercial and light industrial sectors in Alberta. We strive to enhance life by creating clean, reliable and sustainable climate control and power energy systems for buildings and communities for the equitable benefit of all stakeholders for generations to come.

Pesticide Free Alberta (PFA)

Pesticide Free Edmonton is a non-profit organization that aims to eliminate the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides used in the city of Edmonton. Pesticide Free Edmonton intends to spread awareness about the harmful properties of herbicides and pesticides, in order to convince the city of Edmonton to pass a bylaw against the use of cosmetic herbicides and pesticides.

Progress Alberta

Progress Alberta is a multi-issue, independent, non-profit communications organization dedicated to building a more progressive Alberta. Progress Alberta is a proudly progressive force for a more prosperous, sustainable and equal Alberta.

Public Interest Alberta (PIA)

Public Interest Alberta is a non-profit, non-partisan, province-wide organization focused on education and advocacy on public interest issues. PIA exists to foster an understanding of the importance of public spaces, services and institutions in Albertans' lives, and to build a network of people and organizations committed to advancing the public interest.

Revamp Marketing

Revamp Marketing are Integrative Marketing specialists focused on Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Impact Marketing. We build brands and businesses which work in synergy with the well-being of people and the environment. We believe in a world that is healthy and profitable. Using disruptive and socially innovative strategy, we bring passionate pursuits to life!

RPM Energy Solutions

RPM Energy Solutions is an Edmonton-based business focused on providing Albertans with energy assessments, air leakage testing, biomass fuels and technology services, and building maintenance.

Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA)

SESA is a non-profit, educational organization, which works to advance the awareness, understanding and use of solar energy in Alberta. Since its formation in 1976, SESA has served as a trusted community resource for government, educational institutions and the public at large.

Solar Power Investment Coop of Edmonton (SPICE)

S.P.I.C.E. is a local member-owned community energy cooperative based in Edmonton, Alberta, and exists to make solar power projects happen in our region.

Solbird Energy Ltd.

Solbird Energy is a company focused on improving conventional energy consumption and production by offering our clients both renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. We do not believe that one technology works for all applications, so we offer hybrid systems that give our customers the most cost effective, efficient solutions available.

Terrapin Geothermics

Terrapin Geothermics is an Alberta-based geothermal technology firm that has developed a unique engine capable of converting end of life cycle oil and gas wells from a costly remediation liability into a long-term electricity production asset. We also provide unique geothermal mapping services to municipalities, governments and energy industry clients who seek to better understand their own geothermal potential.

United Nurses of Alberta (UNA)

UNA is the union for more than 30,000 Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses and allied workers in Alberta. Since 1977, UNA has been an effective advocate for nurses, the nursing profession and Canada’s fair and efficient public health care system. UNA represents nurses in bargaining, in their profession, and in disputes with employers and professional licensing bodies.

3D Energy

3D Energy ensures that its clients can access whatever energy management and efficiency knowledge that they deem necessary. Working in the commercial, industrial, and residential markets, 3D Energy’s services include: Energy Modeling. Energy Auditing, Energy Code Compliance, Green Building Certification, Measurement and Verification, Re-Commissioning, Energy Training and Education, and Virtual Design and Construction.