J O B    P O S T I N G

Position: Project Coordinator, Alberta Green Economy Network (AGEN)
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Duration: 14 week contract. 28 hours per week with flexible hours.

Wage: $22 per hour

Application Deadline: October 8, 2018

About the Alberta Green Economy Network

The Alberta Green Economy Network (AGEN) is a network of green businesses, labour groups and non-profit organizations that works to support Alberta’s transition to a low-carbon economy. AGEN coordinates the joint efforts of its diverse membership to run public education and advocacy programs, submit policy recommendations to government bodies, and foster relationships between various stakeholders within the green economy.

About the Position

AGEN recently received funding to implement two public-facing education and outreach projects relating to community energy and solar power. We are seeking a project coordinator whose primary responsibility would be to lead the implementation of these projects. This position offers the opportunity to lead project delivery within an organization, become deeply familiar with pressing environmental issues, and apply your knowledge to educate the broader community.  

The project coordinator reports directly to AGEN’s board of directors and assumes a leadership role in the delivery of AGEN’s programs. The position requires engagement with AGEN’s members and partners to develop and implement projects that support AGEN’s mandate.

The coordinator’s workload and responsibilities will be adapted in consultation with the coordinator to reflect the number of hours available in the contract. We offer flexible hours.    

Note: Applicants are not expected to be subject matter experts. Part of the applicant’s responsibility will be to become familiar with the subject matter.



Primary Responsibilities

1) Deliver two major educational projects on behalf of the organization, specifically:

a) Arranging, developing and delivering presentations to condominium boards on the topic of community energy, and working with AGEN’s board to develop an associated toolkit, giving approximately 30 workshops to be delivered by January 31, 2019.

b) Liaising with ‘sun in a box’ developers and giving approximately 20 workshops to community leagues and other groups by February 28, 2019.

c) Fulfill reporting requirements of both of the above project.

Secondary Responsibilities

2) Engage AGEN’s membership in the delivery of the projects to ensure that they see the relevance and value of the organization’s activities.

3) Develop communications strategies and materials to support project delivery

4) Other duties as required.


Key Skills & Competencies

1) High level of professionalism while representing an organization and maintaining work relationships.

2) Ability to establish priorities and work independently in an environment with limited supervision.

3) Organized and detail-oriented.

4) Ability to write and speak clearly and persuasively.



The applicant should possess the following experience:

1) Knowledge of (or ability and willingness to become rapidly familiar with) major environmental issues (e.g. climate change, etc) and basic familiarity with energy systems (e.g. energy sources such as solar, wind, coal, etc)

2) Knowledge of (or ability and willingness to become rapidly familiar with) current government policies and programs in Alberta relating to green economy issues like energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change.

3) Demonstrated commitment and passion towards environmental issues.

4) Experience planning and leading presentations or workshops, including developing the associated written and visual materials.

5) Preparation of correspondence, reports, presentations and/or grants on behalf of an organization or in a professional capacity.

6) Relevant post-secondary experience (e.g. coursework or degree).

7) Experience coordinating diverse groups, allies and collaborators from different backgrounds is an asset.


Equivalent or similar experience will be considered.

AGEN embraces equity and diversity and is committed to a workplace that is enriched by the people, needs, and desires of Canada’s diverse communities.

Please send your resume and cover letter outlining relevant experience to info@albertaGEN.ca with the subject line “Application for AGEN Project Coordinator.”

We thank all applicants, but only those invited for interviews will be contacted.