Press Release for the Launch of Sustainable Change Alberta

Sustainable Change Alberta was formed to bring Alberta environmental organizations together to develop an annual list of shared environmental priorities for the province.

The five shared priorities are:

  • Implement and apply UNDRIP to all Government of Alberta law, policy and procedures
  • Implement the Climate Leadership Plan
  • Reach and exceed the 17 per cent milestone for protected areas
  • Improve Tailings Management
  • ​Protect Alberta’s Caribou

The priorities were arrived at through a consensus based process among our network members and do not reflect the total views or positions of individual network members. You can find more detail on these priorities at

Alberta is home to some of the most beautiful and important landscapes and wild places on the planet and Albertans expect strong, smart legislation that protects our environment and our communities while creating jobs and generating prosperity over the long term. The government’s action of climate change and creating new protected spaces are unequivocal good news stories for everyday Albertans as we diversify our economy and protect our environment for future Albertans.

“We have been impressed by what has been accomplished in two short years since the election, but we have the opportunity now to solidify these gains with a few extra steps. By moving forward on these five priorities, the Alberta Government has the potential to create long-term, substantial change to the Alberta landscape and our citizens’ quality of life,” says Joe Vipond with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.

“We’re happy to work together with these eight other leading Alberta based organizations, collaborating on shared priorities. This is an important step in Alberta’s transition to a low carbon, resilient province. We look forward to seeing the Climate Leadership Plan in action,” says Shanthu Mano with Alberta Green Economy Network.

Sustainable Change Alberta is a strategic initiative representing tens of thousands of Albertans from nine of Alberta’s leading environmental non-governmental organizations. Those organizations are:

  • Alberta Green Economy Network
  • Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Association Northern Alberta Chapter
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Association Southern Alberta Chapter
  • Ecojustice
  • Keepers of the Athabasca
  • Pembina Institute
  • Progress Alberta
  • Yukon to Yellowstone Initiative

We have members available for media interviews:

Joe Vipond from Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment at 403-510-9236,

Stephen Legault from the Yukon to Yellowstone Initiative at 403-688-2964,

Simon Dyer from the Pembina Institute at 587-873-3937,

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